Charges & conditions

Entrance charges for the Arnstadt’s Schlossmuseum „New Palace“. Charges per visitor and museum visit (including the „Bach Exhibition“) are as follows:

Single visitor
6,00 €
Single visitor
3,50 €
Children up to 6 years free
Family ticket
(max. 2 adults and 2 children up to 18 years)
12,00 €
Reduced group entry
(from 15 persons, price per person)
3,50 €
School class flat rate
(per class) 
10,00 €
Group guided tour* „Schlossmuseum & Mon plaisir“
(from 15 persons, price per group)
40,00 €
Group guided tour* „Exhibition Bach in Arnstadt“
(from 15 persons, price per group) 
40,00 €
Individual tour / House tour* 50,00 €
Foreign language tour*
(Price per group or person)
50,00 €

*On all guided tour offers a 50 % discount is available when combined with the booking of a guided tour of the town.


Reductions for individual visitors or groups per visit are available to schoolchildren, students, the unemployed, those on social security, those on military or civilian service as well as the severely disabled with 50 % disability or more and their support person. Those with the Arnstadt "Freizeitpass" enjoy free access to the Palace Museum.

Charter for the use of the municipal Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum):
On the basis of § 19 Cl. 1 together with § 21 of the Thuringian Community and District Order (Thüringer Kommunalordnung – ThürKO) as contained in the proclamation of the 28th January 2003 (GVBl. p. 41), last revised by Article 3 of the law to change the Thuringian Financial Equalisation Law and other laws of the 4th May 2010 (GVBl. p. 113) Arnstadt Town Council in their meeting on 21.10.2010 agreed the following Charter: "Charter of the Town of Arnstadt regarding the use of the municipal

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Charter relating to the charges of the Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) Arnstadt:
On the basis of §§ 1, 2, 10 and 12 of the Thuringian Communities Taxation Law (ThürKAG) as contained in the proclamation of the 19th September 2000 (GVBl. p. 301), last revised by the 6th revision law of the 18th August 2009 (GVBl. p. 646) the Town Council of the Town of Arnstadt in its meeting of 20.01.2011 agreed the following charter: "Charter relating to the levying of entry charges in the form of a charge for use of the Schlossmuseum of the Town of Arnstadt".

Full version (german)