Children’s “Mon Plaisir” Museum Club

Mon Plaisir – comes from the French and means: “My delight”. Exactly that is what the Children’s Club wants – enjoyment, or fun if you like, and the opportunity to handle different materials and themes criss-crossing through the history of mankind. Specific collected contents of the museum, special exhibitions and also general themes on history and society form the basis of the club.

The club was founded in September 2002. Since then on average seven children and teenagers from 6 to 16 years meet once a month in the Schlossmuseum.

Using creative fields of activity, club members involve themselves informally with all kinds of museum and historical content. Thus the children have grappled with, for example, working with the material clay and with the products of the early linear pottery makers, but also with the Arnstadt Blue Pottery, with the Böttger Stoneware and the East Asian and European porcelain. In a later event, decoration was developed and over-glaze painting has been applied to porcelain objects.

The main theme in 2003 was printing. Various printing techniques were tried out. Linoleum and woodcuts were produced. At a special exhibition, under the guidance of A. Paul Weber, children got to grips with the subject of the environment, “The last tree”, referring to Webers graphic “Botanic 2000”.

The special exhibition “How nature outstrips the art of the brush”, Johann Alexander Thiele used Thuringian backdrops and landscape inventions (in Summer 2003) to create the opportunity to explore the way the camera obscura works. During the special exhibition “Sometimes its called jewellery” (2004/2005) necklaces were enamelled. In autumn 2005, on the occasion of the special exhibition “Albin Schaedel – Thuringian Glass Art”, under expert guidance children produced mouth-blown glass. Furthermore, the handling of all sorts of materials was experimented with. In this way plaster masks, plaster figures on wireframes, structured acrylic pictures on canvas, window pictures on Japanese tissue paper mounted on wire frames on the theme: “The tree through the seasons”, handmade cotton papers and coloured silk scarves iusing reservation technology, wax batik making, soapstone figures, dolls made of wood fibre mass, felted landscape pictures and splint boxes gilded with gold leaf. Books were made under the direction of bookbinder Erika Reuss. The children did etchings with the artist Walter Lipfert. Every special exhibition generates new fields of activity.

On special occasions like International Museums Day, the Arnstadt Palace Festival and Thuringia Day children slip on the costumes of the Friends Association of the Schlossmuseum Arnstadt to represent the museum.