Kulturbetrieb Arnstadt

General information

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Since the restoration of the venerable Prinzenhof in 1994, Arnstadt Town and District library has lodged and received its guests in the historic rooms of the three-tract building complex.

The library is a modern public facility, whose main function is the collecting and making available of information on a wide range of subjects and topics. Its resources include over 58,000 books, magazines, games, audio books, cassettes, CDs, DVDs, games for Wii and NintendoDS, which are available to users during regular opening times. All printed media can be copied on the library premises for private purposes or, together with the other media, borrowed in accordance with the terms and conditions for users. In addition to three Internet workspaces, the research PCs and the pleasant and competent atmosphere, it is above all the variety of the library’s organised events that serve as a regional focus for attractive recreational activities and learning.

The Prinzenhof:

The Prinzenhof is one of the historically important buildings of the regional town of Arnstadt. Built in 1583 as a three-sided court, it served initially as the dowager's estate of Countess Katharina of Nassau, but between 1721 and 1725 it was remodelled for the Prince of Schwarzenburg-Sondershausen and became known thereafter as the "Prinzenhof". After a chequered history, the well preserved and restored building, with features such as its inlay floor combined with the most modern fittings and furnishings forms an agreeable and harmonious entity.
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