Kulturbetrieb Arnstadt

Permanent Exhibition

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With the exhibition "BACH IN ARNSTADT" in the Palace Museum (Schlossmuseum) Arnstadt, the former Palace of Countess Elisabeth Albertine and her husband Count Günther I of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen, it is shown more clearly than hitherto how closely Arnstadt in Thüringen is involved with the history of the Bach Family. Numerous members of this family of musicians were active over centuries as organists, town pipers and court musicians.

Using modern multimedia technology, an arc is spanned between music and social history. Taking the differing interests of visitors into account, the focal points of the exhibition lie in the musicians’ lives, but also in the visual assimilation of information about the impact of Johann Sebastian Bach as well as events in the town’s history.

"In the year 1703 he took on the duties of organist at the new church in Arnstadt. This is where he actually demonstrated the first fruits of his hard work in he art of organ playing and in Composition."

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach on his famous father.