Regally framed - gilding of picture frames

The museum’s educational programme for child-minding groups and school classes.

Regally framed
gilding of elaborately decorated picture frames, copied from historic originals. The gilding is done with gold leaf and composition gold.

Number of participants: Max. 15 participants possible (Please bring tweezers)
Cost (Material costs:) 2,50 € per frame

Further Information:
The creative part is always preceded by guided tour of selected areas of the New Palace.

In addition to material costs the entry charge must be paid (the school class flat rate is 10,00 EUR). Guided tours alone without the creative part are, of course, also possible by prior arrangement, e.g. tour through the Figurine Collection or the Bach tour (in each case 45 minutes), tour through the Figurine Collection and the Principal (1st) Floor (ca. 90 minutes), tour through the Special Exhibition (times can vary). A guided tour costs 30,00 € per group (up to 30 persons). With current special exhibitions we often arrange special guided tours and also creative programmes.
Some of our programmes from previous years have been extended and can, of course, also be booked, e.g.: "Arnstadt within its mediaeval city wall" or "Arnstadt through the ages", "The art of papermaking", making a Ley-Automobile (small wooden-whizzer) and "Writing surfaces through the ages". In the summer months there is also body painting with madder. These offers are always preceded by a guided tour of the town.
We also offer conducted tours of Arnstadt’s Zoological Garden. At the end of each tour one can try one’s hand at handling wool, making such things as amusing snakes with felt (wet felt). In the cold season we build bird feeders. A new feature is making funny animals out of tree stumps and foam rubber. For small groups and all-day child minding we have other attractions, such as a "Certificate for household pets owners