The Department of Culture is a full subsidiary of the Town of Arnstadt. As an independent institution of Arnstadt Town Council, it is structured as a self-governing municipal undertaking. Incorporated within it are all the cultural facilities of the town – the Town and District Library, the Palace Museum, the „Fasanerie“ zoological garden and the Palace Park Theatre – which are all supported and run by it. The Department of Culture employs its own staff for the Town and District Library, the Palace Museum and the Zoological garden as well as for the Cultural Office itself. The „Palace Park Theatre“ is run by the Arnstadt Theatre Society Inc.

The various facilities of the Department of Culture serve the community exclusively, with the aim of securing and supporting the intellectual and cultural activities of the citizens and visitors of the Town of Arnstadt by maintaining, developing and supporting the cultural life, the cultural facilities, the leisure and recreational events as well as enabling, securing and fostering the cultural assets.

The many-sided opportunities for taking advantage of the various facilities are regulated by the individual statutes of each facility. The Charter of the Town of Arnstadt Department of Culture of the can be accessed by following the links of the respective facility.