Historical Fire Pumps

In 1964, 100 years after the founding of the Arnstadt volunteer firefighters as "Turner's volunteer fire brigade", a large parade was held. Not only the modern, but also the historic fire-fighting equipment was brought to Arnstadt from the surrounding areas. The idea was that the old technical equipment should not be exposed to decay, but should rather be preserved and presented to the public. This is how the fire syringes came in possession of the museum in Arnstadt. It was not until 30 years later, that it was possible to show this remarkable collection - as an important part of our technical heritage - inside the restored stables of the “New Palace”.

Because of the high number of historic fire syringes, the  collection can be seen among the most important of its kind in Thuringia. Shown are also accessories such as fire buckets, hose reel carts, hoses and timelines on the history of Arnstadt’s volunteer firefighters and fire outbreaks.

Opening Times:

1. May - mid-september, each:

Saturday: o9.3o a.m. - 4.3o p.m.
Sunday: o9.3o a.m. - 4.3o p.m.
Holidays: o9.3o a.m. - 4.3o p.m.