The Schlossmuseum (Palace Museum) Arnstadt

The Schlossmuseum Arnstadt belongs to the many Thuringian museums, which owe their existence to royal initiative, not only for its architectural presence but also for a large part of its collection of artefacts.

Prince Günther I of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (reign 1720–1740) had the Princely Palace in Arnstadt built from 1729 to 1734 as a future widow’s residence for his wife Elisabeth Albertine, née Princess of Anhalt-Bernburg (1693–1774). As a double palace in the form in a three-tract complex it had a living and representative function for the royal couple during their stays in the subsidiary residence in Arnstadt. Here the Prince and his spouse could accommodate their vast art collection and present it in a befitting manner.

The present-day Schlossmuseum in the New Palace displays, in the reconstructed baroque rooms on the south side of the principal floor, furniture and art treasures from the former royal household. On the Ground Floor of the southern main block to the south the visitor can amble through the imposing model town “Mon plaisir” with its houses and parlours. The attic floor is used to stage temporary exhibitions.